Industrial insulation systems


Izoline offers a line of Modular Insulating Covers designed to contain the heat generated by industrial elements in various applications, thereby conserving energy and cooling the environment.
By insulating, you can capture and retain the heat that you have already paid for. This, among many other benefits, gives the user an energy savings of an average of 33% . Modular insulation provides significant dollar savings by reducing electrical consumption from 15 - 60% of the heater load depend on type of technological process.


Insulation pays for itself rapidly by preventing high BTU loss into the plant ambient air and improves efficiency of the molding process. Radiant heat loss reduces the effectiveness of the heated system








Following an extended period of development, We are created three major types of insulation covers suited to improve wide range of applications and individual requirements. All our products are human safe and made from new generation synthetics also meet all ecological expectations improving our environment and high quality standards and meets the appropriate European and German regulatory requirements (Under Note Q of EU Directive 67/548/EEC and TRGS 905 .)

Insulating covers can be produced for each application independent of type of detail. All surface cut outs can be individually adjusted. Because of special construction with several layers with high temperature stability, resulting in lower surface temperature the loss of energy being reduced. Mechanically reinforced fiber fleece is sewn in an abrasion proofed glass fabric. External surfaces of insulation consist of highly durable and abrasion proofed material (PVC, Silica or Teflon), witch resist both dirt, heavy fluids and plastic material. While retaining very good compressibility and flexibility and by that characteristics can be used in wide range of applications as thermal insulation and is especially suited to use as a high temperature wraps, heat shields and in sealing applications.


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