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IZOLINE offers a comprehensive range of energy saving and efficiency improving products, services, and technology for industrial machinery, including Plastic, Rubber, Silicone and Foam processors, Beverage and Dairy products, Refineries, Chemical, Steel and Aluminum processing plants, Water treatment plants, their Primary Machinery including Plant Auxiliary, Water, Air and Lighting Systems. We are operating from our new production division in Poland ( Central Europe ), to strengthen our activity on European and Middle East market.



With past years through our own development we are creating most modern and considered product solutions for sustainable progress on the field of energy conserving process in several industrial applications. We always make sure that continuous improvement processes, innovations and technical progress are the key factors to ensure the ability to compete for production sites and to deal with finite resources in a responsible and most professional way. With our engineering expertise we enable our customers to gain a level of more than 38 GW of energy saved through industrial production processing in past years.