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This is one of the largest group of geosynthetics. We must regard that geotextiles are porous and allow the passage of liquid through his plan, changing the permeability of each other. In general they comply with any of the following functions: separation, reinforcement, filtration and / or drainage.

There are two main types of geotextiles: Wovens and Nonwovens.


Non Woven Geotextile - GTX NW

Non woven - Needle Punched, cut fibers geotextiles for protection, filtration, separation, drainage or reinforcement applications (see also woven Geotextiles and Geogrids)

Geotextiles made of virgin Polypropylene PP, Polyester PES

Under request, the geotextile is produced

with black carbon to protect from UV


Woven Geotextile

Thanks to its low elongation and strength parameters, these geotextiles improve mechanical properties and allow soils reinforcement.

They are used in non-cohesive and cohesive soils and help the formation of a natural soil filter